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TradeIt.GG Referral Code – Free $0.50

TradeIt.GG Referral Code – Free $0.50
FREE $0.50 Claim Bonus
Please note, the bonus is one-time only and is only valid for the first exchange on the site.

Use the referral code for TradeIt if you haven’t used this CS:GO exchange bot yet. Using this referral code will get you $0.50 absolutely free! This bonus is one time only and applies to first time users.

What is Tradeit referral code?

The TradeIt.GG referral code is a special code which activates a free $0.50 bonus on your account when you make your first trade. This means that if you have not used the TradeIt.GG trade bot before, you can use this referral code, but keep in mind that this is a one-time use. Subsequent attempts to use this Tradeit referral code will not work.

Can I create my own Tradeit referral code?

Of course! allows all its users to create referral codes, which can then be shared with friends or under YouTube videos. This is an incentive for users who have not used the site before to go there and make a trade. Creating your own referral code on TradeIt is very easy:

  1. Log in to TradeIt
  2. In the upper right corner, click on your username and then select Referal Panel
  3. There in the upper left corner you will see Your referal link and next to it Your coupon code

Once your referral link is created, you can start promoting it. We recommend that you share these referral codes on Twitter, as this social media is visited by a very large number of CS:GO players.

What bonus does the TradeIt.GG referral code give?

If you use this referral code you will receive $0.50 from TradeIt absolutely free, but only once and only on your first trade. If you want to exchange your CS:GO skins, use this code to get free funds from the site.

How to use TradeIt referral code?

You have two ways to use your referral code for TradeIt:

  1. Using a referral link – this is the easiest option as you just need to click on the green Claim Bonus button and the code will automatically be redeemed
  2. Copy the code and use it in the Redeem Code field – if you are already on TradeIt without using the referral link then you can click on Redeem Code (click on your username, you will find the link there) and use code 474TB3I. After use, your bonus will be activated.
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TradeIt.GG Referral Code – Free $0.50
TradeIt.GG Referral Code – Free $0.50
FREE $0.50

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