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Lootbear Referral Code – Free 10-day access

Lootbear Referral Code – Free 10-day access
Free 10-day access Claim Bonus
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LootBear is an innovative platform for CS:GO players to do something amazing, rent CS:GO items. With over $2 million worth of Lootbear gear, there’s plenty to choose from! Referral code for LootBear gives you 10 days of free access to the Lootbear gear.

How to use Lootbear Referral Code?

Using the Lootbear referral code is simple and limited to a few steps:

  1. Click the green Claim Bonus button that you will find next to
  2. When you go to Lootbear, create an account there (you can log in with your Steam account, but you will still need to enter some details)
  3. When you log into your account, the referral code will already be active

After using the code, a 10-day trial for renting CS:GO skins on Lootbear will be activated on your account

What does using the Lootbear referral code give you?

Lootbear gives a great bonus to new users for using the referral code in the form of 10 completely free trial days of using Lootbear. Remember, this is the first (and only!) CS:GO skin rental service. After using the referral code, you can use Lootbear for 10 days completely free.

How to create Lootbear Referral Code?

Creating your own Lootbear referral code is possible and available to every user of this site, and what’s better it’s trivially easy. Below we are sharing instructions on how to create your own code:

  1. Go to Lootbear, click on your avatar and select Affiliate program
  2. In the REFERRAL CODE field set your dream code, next to it a REFERRAL URL will be automatically created, which you can share with your friends

Lootbear provides Brand Assets, which you can find on the Affiliate subpage. When you go to this page you will see ready-made ads in the form of banners and squares that you can promote on your websites or in your social media. They are very nice and will definitely make people more interested in Lootbear.


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Lootbear Referral Code – Free 10-day access
Lootbear Referral Code – Free 10-day access
Free 10-day access

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